Men's Thermal Boot Socks

Color: Black
Quantity: 3 Pack

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  • COTTON SOFTNESS WITH TUFTED WARMTH:  Unlike wool socks, these boot socks have a soft tufted warmth that fans say prevents blisters and hotspots yet feels like walking on cotton while wearing shoes or boots at work, others just like wearing them around the house because they keep feet feeling soft, snuggly and warm while walking on hardwood and cold tile floors
  • CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS:  Emergency workers and Construction professionals who live in boots say this is their go-to thermal socks to block the cold out and stay warm all day, but without the discomfort of toe-seams or layering up; Plus, the cushioned softness keeps their feet comfy even standing for hours in steel toed boots - in fact, many say they’re so comfy they keep their Rocky’s on when the day ends
  • DAILY WEAR (NO ‘SOCK MARKS’):  Men say they like the rugged design for outdoor warmth while fishing and hunting or just watching TV and reading;  Women like the softness and say they also like that they can wear their Rockys all day (or while sleeping) without leaving embarrassing ‘sock marks’ on their legs.
  • NO-SLOUCH, EASY ON-AND OFF TOPS:  Unlike cheaper insulated socks the No-Slouch elastic tops avoid the binding tightness so your socks are easy to put on and take off and are simply more comfortable for long periods, but with a secure ribbed design that keeps your socks in place, so no more untying boots to dig out fallen socks
  • WASHABLE & BREATHABLE (NO SWEATY FEET):  The 90% Soft Cotton 10% Polyester blend washes easily, yet stays soft and stretchy -- never crunchy -- even after daily washing;  Unlike wool socks, you’ll enjoy a breathable design that ends overheating and keeps your feet dry, so no more damp or clammy feet while resting after hard work;  Try a pair for yourself and see why so many are saying that their Rocky socks are always comfy, cushioned and good looking

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