Printed Pet Thermals

Size: XXS
Color: Christmas Design

Frequently Bought Together


WARM FLEECE DOG SWEATER: Unlike Dog coats that look warm but lack insulation, our thermal dog sweater is lined with snuggly fleece. This means your pooch stays toasty-warm, turning chilly winter walks into joyful, tail-wagging adventures!

EASY TO PUT ON: From feisty French bull dogs to energetic yorkies, our thermal dog pajamas are easy to put on any breed. Simply pull them over your pooch’s head, place their paws into the built-in dog leg warmers and they’re ready to get cozy and comfy!

ONE-PIECE THERMAL DOG JACKET: When your pup outsmarts standard harnesses,buttons and zippers just won’t do. Featuring solid one-piece construction, Rocky dog thermals prevent escape artist tricks and ensure a snug fit without the fuss.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: When you’ve got a sensitive puppy who hates the feel of traditional dog sweaters, you need a Rocky dog vest. It’s feather-light, yet fully insulated, meaning your pup stays warm, cozy and unconcerned by any bulky feel.

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